Challenges In Your Essay

I want the reader to take away from this essay and it’s a theme that it’s not explicitly present in the other sections of my application I don’t include every single detail about my life but by having a common thread of resourceful nough stew a focus on I am writing a coherent and unique essay ok so I’m going to look at my brainstorming worksheet again just to double check if there is anything else that I can integrate into my essay about resourceful nassif Amalie member which again in answering the prompt is something that has influenced or shaped me in some cases you may want to discuss more than one factor or challenge that has influenced you so let’s take a look at the other two columns I have written here within community and academics let’s say I decide to discuss both my family and my community in order to outline it in a way that would create a cohesive story. Discover how to create a a cohesive story onĀ

It’s important that I find a common thread that we talked about that will tie all of these different ideas together so in this case I expand the common thread of resourceful nasai adding the detail that I am particularly resourceful in cooking for others or that I am resourceful and it has shown through when I cook for others whether that’s at home cooking meals for my siblings on a limited budget or when I cook to use different Korean spices and ingredients as I volunteer for different festivities now how would I go about outlining the process let’s integrate some more brainstorming pieces into my outline talking about my family now that I want to incorporate details about my community I have added these details and now you can see that I have incorporated details from both my family section as well as my community section to really draw out my resourceful ‘no sand cooking for others and my appreciation of korean food this is just a quick example of how even if you want to cover multiple factors or challenges in your essay.

You should make sure that they are tied together with a common thread and tell your story in a coherent manner okay so I hope that was helpful and you saw how we were able to outline it with a common thread and maybe pull some information from other parts of my brainstorming to make my essay more whole so let’s time let’s get let’s move on put pen to paper and start drafting so we’re going to go through different situations and I’m going to show you specific examples and sample essay excerpts and we’re going to be asking you questions and even quizzing you on what you think is the better version so make sure you remain very much engaged so let’s dig in quick tip show don’t tell add descriptive concrete details to bring your story to life so we’ve discussed honing in on a particular day.