College Application Vocabulary Part 2

E. Go to college and look up a college you would like to go to. Answer the following questions about the school.
1. What is the name of the high school?
2. What are three things you can major in?
3. What are three things you can minor in?
4. Are there any fraternities or sororities?
5. Is it possible to get financial aid? What kind of financial aid does the school offer?

F. Now imagine you are a college recruiter. Make a short presentation about your school to a partner. Convince your partner to go to the school. As you create your presentation, think about the following questions.
a. What are the best things about the school?
i. Is it low cost?
ii. Is it prestigious or famous?
iii. Is it close to home?
iv. Does it offer good financial aid?
v. Are there lots of sororities or fraternities to join?
vi. Are there sports to play?
vii. Does it have good facilities?
viii. Are the professors good?

1. undergraduate degree—bachelor’s degree, course of study that usually takes 4 years and results in a bachelor’s degree; usually taken right after high school
2. pulled an all nighter –stay up all night studying
3. major in –choose as your primary course of study at university/college
4. cram—study very hard for a test at the last minute
5. dorm—on campus apartment where you live while at university
6. Scholarship—money the university or other organization gives you for school
7. have fallen behind—to not have made enough progress; to be moving/understanding too slowly and not at the pace of the rest of the group
8. minor in—choose as the secondary subject to study at university/college
9. pre-requisite—class you must take before
10. graduate (school)— place you go to get an advanced degree like masters or doctorate *
11. loan –money you borrow and have to repay later (in this context, it’s for school)
12. rush (the sorority)—try out for/ participate in the application process to join

*Note: Some students will be confused by the use of graduate here. Be aware that this word has several meanings.

graduate—verb—complete a course of student
graduate—noun—person who has completed a course of study
graduate—adjective—regarding a course of study undertaken after completion of an undergraduate