College Application Vocabulary

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to use appropriate vocabulary to research and discuss college plans

Topics covered: vocabulary for discussing college goals, vocabulary used by college students to discuss

Useful for: Adult students interested in attending college, students studying for the TOEFL

CASAS Competencies:
– Locate and use educational services within a community, including interpreting and writing schoolrelated communication
– Identify and prioritize personal, educational and workplace goals
– identify factors involved in making decisions, including considering goals, constraints, and consequences, and weighing alternatives

NRS Level High Intermediate

Reading-Determine meaning of new words using context clues
–Compare information presented in two, three sources*
–Interpret information in an authentic paragraph to answer questions*

Speaking—To express opinions and provide factual information

*These standards apply if you choose to do part E and F of the lesson below. E and F can be assigned for homework or omitted depending on student level and/or readiness

Lesson Plan:

Motivation/warm-up: Discuss questions in part A with a partner.
Presentation: Have students work in partners to do vocabulary in part B. Review with students.
Practice: Have students work in partners to fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary in part C. Have them practice the conversation together.
Application I: Have students do discussion questions in part D in partners. Choose 2-3 questions to discuss as a class.
Application II: Have students work in partners to research colleges online and answer the questions listed in part E. Then have them do part F and create a short presentation “selling” their college to another student.* (Can be done for homework or omitted.)
Evaluation: As students leave the room, each one has to use one of the vocabulary words in a sentence. If he/she uses the word correctly, he/she can leave. Alternatively, you can choose a word and then select students at random to use the word in a sentence.

A. Discuss the questions below with a partner.
a. Do most people go to college or university in your country? Why or why not?
b. High school is more difficult than university. Do you agree or disagree?

B. Look at the underlined words below. Use the context and write a definition for the word. No dictionaries or translators are allowed!
1. I just finished high school. Now I will study 4 years to get my undergraduate degree in biology.
2. I’m exhausted. I pulled an all nighter last night to study for my history test. I didn’t sleep at all.
3. I love numbers, so I decided to major in mathematics. Most of my classes are math classes.
4. I have had so much fun this week that I haven’t had time to study. I guess I need to stay up late and tonight and cram for the test. I will study the whole chapter in one night.
5. I live here on campus in the dorm. I don’t want to live in an apartment off campus.
6. I am so lucky. I got a scholarship, so I don’t have to pay for school.
7. I missed a lot of class because I was sick. I have fallen behind my classmates. I need to do some extra studying so I can catch up and start making good grades again.
8. I love music, but I don’t want to major in it. I need to take 15 hours in order to minor in it. I’ll do that instead.
9. You can’t take English 102. You need to take English 101 first. That’s the pre-requisite.
10. When I finish my bachelor’s degree, I want to go to graduate school in medicine to get an MD.
11. I couldn’t get a scholarship, so I had to take out a loan to pay for school. I’m totally depressed because when I finish school, I’m going to owe about $25,000.
12. I’m planning to rush the sorority Gamma Gamma Gamma in the fall. I want to be part of their secret society and live in their sorority house.

C. Fill in the blank in the conversation with the correct words. Then, practice the conversation with a partner.
A: Good morning! How are you doing?
B: I’m completely overwhelmed. I have had lots of extra hours at my part time job, so I
(1)____________________ in my chemistry class. I had to (2)_____________________ last night to try and catch up with the rest of the class. I didn’t sleep at all last night. I also have to
(3)__________________ for my English test because I haven’t had any time to study. I need to go over 3 whole chapters in the next few hours.

D. Discuss the question below with a partner.
1. What subject do you want to major in? Why?
2. Do you want to minor in anything? Which subject and why?
3. Have you ever pulled an all nighter? When? Why? Did you do well on the test?
4. What is the most popular major in your country? Why? What majors are not popular? Why?
5. Do you usually study a little at a time, or do you prefer to cram for a test? Why?
6. Would you prefer to live in a college dorm or off campus in an apartment? Why?
7. Are there any fraternities or sororities in your country? If so, talk about them. If not, why do you think there aren’t?
8. Would you like to rush a sorority or fraternity? Why or why not?
9. What pre-requisite courses do you think your major might have? If you don’t know, use the internet to find out.
10. Do people get financial aid (scholarship or loans) to go to college in your country? Why or why not?
11. A college or university education should be free. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.