Essay Writing and Plagiarism

We`re going to learn how you could move forward and how we can use our own brains our own ideas our own initiatives our own understanding to actually write a good essay without having all these other problems around I’m going to preface all of this by saying something that may piss off my colleagues but I have to say it anyway and that is that I’ve noticed over quite some period of time now a deterioration in really the whole academic environment we actually know that plagiarism is a problem not just at Isis but it’s a growing problem everywhere and I actually don’t blame the students I don’t blame the students as cheats and this and that and the other I think it’s this enormous and absurd pressure to publish.

You know it’s really ridiculous now and we impose a lot of pressure on view as well to write and write and be quick and right so that’s my I’m practicing what I have to say because this is important also in the way you approach things because actually we’re encouraging people not to think anymore and this is a big big problem okay just do it just right don’t think you know I mean you can see that you know academics are doing the same thing we’re just writing maybe they’re not plagiarizing but actually in many cases they’re writing garbage and we actually see it we see it students also see it okay so this is my attempt at you know holding back the tide as it were and going back to like 30 odd years ago where we gave people actually instructions think first really think don’t read until you think it’s a sort of very old Chinese proverb isn’t it you know what’s Confucius or whatever I forget the exact proverb but anyway it’s somewhere in there that you really have to start thinking again and and it’s with that in mind that i give this instruction.

And I do have to admit one thing it was told to me by one of my students today she had I think she’s been here a long time and she has attended many of my study skills classes and also essay writing classes and she says at the beginning she thought she got it second year I’ve definitely got it third year no now I’ve got it fourth year she realizes every time she learns again because now she’s putting it into practice so it’s not something that is like that you’ve got to really think and put it into practice okay it’s not going to come like that and part of it is have confidence okay because we’re actually not very confident we’re very insecure I mean that’s part of being a student isn’t it others have knowledge you don’t have knowledge I’m very insecure that’s also why we want to use other people’s language as well so part of my message is also be confident okay try and think well I’ve got a good brain.