Questions To Ask Daycare Center 2

Daycare Center Programs Offered

Do the programs offered by the daycare center give a variety of balanced educational programs for all age ranges? Do you think the programs offered reflect your child’s individual needs, abilities and interests? Do you think they will enhance all areas of your child’s development? Ask what time is spent on planned educational programs and on free play?

Daycare Center Activities Offered

Question what type of activities are planned for each day of the week and the length of those activities? Young children don’t have a long attention span, they require a choice of activities that they can participate in and change around. Activities such as reading, painting, drawing, cutting out and build objects. Ask if the daycare center has excursions or outings such as visits to interesting places or maybe even swimming lessons.

Conclusion of Questions To Ask Daycare Center

There are many questions to ask daycare center on your visit. Take notes on the questions you ask, so when comparing daycare centers you will remember. Two more questions to ask daycare center are: What meals are provided and the standard of these meal, are they healthy? If no meals are provided enquire as to what they expect you to provide your child to eat and drink. This could range from a snack to a lunch. What is the procedure if you are running late to collect your child? Do costs occur for collecting after closing hours and how the pickup is arranged?

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