Rhetorical Analysis Research Paper


The English research project is a rhetorical analysis paper in which students identify the use of a particular rhetorical technique in a piece of literature and find a connection between it and another text or field of study (history, philosophy, psychology, etc.).  They research writings by literary critics on this connection and compare/contrast their argument with those made by these critics.  Students may choose their own topic and are encouraged to choose one that genuinely interests them.

The research paper unit will take seven or eight weeks to complete and there will be other assignments given in class during this time.  We will be moving along at a steady pace and due dates will be given for each assignment.  It is essential that students complete each of the assignments for the research paper by its due date because every step in the research process builds upon the previous one.  A research paper will not be accepted for credit unless evidence of research has been presented beforehand.  Any incidence of plagiarism (the presentation of another’s words as one’s own) at any stage in the research paper process will result in a loss of credit for the assignment.

            Below is a list of the assignments that comprise the writing of the research paper Please note that there is an emphasis upon the process of writing the research paper and that the point values for assignments follow accordingly.  The assignments leading up to the final draft are worth 250 of the total 400 points, while the final draft is worth 150 points.  Therefore, it is essential that each student keeps up with the steps in the research process and turns in every assignment on time in order to successfully complete his or her research paper.



        Topic Proposal 20
        Annotated Bibliography 25
        Research Journal
(1st submission)
        Research Journal
(2nd submission)
        Thesis Statement/Proofs Chart 20
        Outline 25
        First Draft 75
        Peer Review Activity 25
        Final Draft 150