Tips every parent should know Part 2

1.Always help with homework but do not do it for them – I had two different kinds of children, one that worked independently and one that needed constant help. And it was not because they could not do the work but more of a not wanting to do the work and sometimes when you are tired and they are sliding down into the chair or whining incessantly it becomes easier to finish up the work for them. This is not a good idea because then they will push it even farther each and every time and it will become a life habit in more areas than homework. It may sound like I am stretching things just a bit but believe  me when I say that I am dealing with a twenty year old at this moment who still takes advantage of any leeway given to them. It is better to use an assignment writing service for your homework help.

2.Watch for signs of things going wrong with over-achievers – I know what you are thinking, how could anything   go wrong with an over-achiever? Is not that the ideal when raising a child? I thought so myself until I missed some of the signs of a stressed out teen. I had an under-achiever and an over-achiever and being so  consumed in trying to help the under-achiever I did not realize there were other problems that needed my attention. One of my children, the independent child, I was always praising; not to the detriment of the other, it was kept balanced. The independent child who was working so hard at school, helping around the house, had a good attitude, and seemed very balanced. Because I thought they were doing great I did not concentrate as hard on that child and had my eyes primarily focused on the more problematic child. Come to find out that the independent, over-achieving child was subconsciously pulling out strands of hair until they had a bald spot. I was actually stressing out my child with praise! The more I praised  the harder they worked. I felt so ashamed and upset with myself that I did  not see the signs sooner. I had no idea. A child is a child and no matter how mature they seem you need to be aware and in touch with all of their  feelings.