Tips every parent should know Part 3

1.Let them fail – It may seem as if  I am contradicting myself and swaying back and forth between ideas but as I have told you I am speaking of two different children. If you have more  than one child you no doubt have a child that consumes more of your time than the others and seems just a little more pitiful, one that you want to protect. I am all for protecting, in fact you could ask anyone and I am an over-protector. This has not worked out well for one of my children because I was there at every turn to keep them from failing. Now that they  have reached adulthood it is not working out well for either one of us. Hindsight and all that implies does me no good now. For those of you who still have young ones let them fail in small ways, just be there to help them to recover.

2.Teach life skills along with education – An important thing for every parent to remember is that your children need an education for their minds but they also need to learn how to take care of themselves in life when they have left home. Teach your children how to manage money, how to carry on intelligent conversations, manners, how to cook, how to wash their clothes, how to keep house, etc. There are often so many activities taking place in our children’s lives that they are not spending any time at home learning how to take care of everyday business. We do it all for them and then throw them out into the world and expect them to make it or learn it on the fly. Would you throw your child in a pool without lessons and expect them to swim… well, most of you? Prepare them for the small, mundane, everyday parts of life and not just focus on the big education and careers in the future.