Writing And Structuring Strategies

The phrase in conclusion should never appear in writing unless you’re actually I can’t think of a time no I can think of no time in which the phrase in conclusion should appear and it’s something that will be read if you’re speaking in front of a group of people and you say in conclusion that’s okay because you need to signal to them that the thing is about to end but in writing we know the things about to end because there’s nothing after it it’s blank pages or no pages we don’t have to say in conclusion so when you’re writing your five paragraph essays don’t say in conclusion at the start of the concluding paragraph the conclusion basically just reiterates what you’ve said it reiterates your point how you’ve made your point and why you are right. Find more info on text structuring atĀ Edusson.

That’s what the conclusion does therefore the last sentence of the are pair of your essay and the last sentence of your concluding paragraph could be therefore youtube is better than in-person education for the reasons outlined above therefore in-person education is more reliable than watching some crackpot on YouTube whichever case you want to make and you can see by the example that I’ve just ripped off the top of my head throughout the course of this video that any example fits as long as you structure it properly okay so now that we’ve seen some specific strategies for how to write and structure your essay let’s look at some strategies for putting the whole thing together that will help you before you put pen to paper to write it have a shorter time writing that is more productive and in the end better suited to having a stronger essay the new otherwise would so the first one is one I mentioned already write your essay in this order paragraph 2 paragraph 3 paragraph 4 paragraph one paragraph 5 and the reason that you want to do it that way is because two three and four flow logically two is the first body paragraph three builds on to four builds on three.

So four also therefore builds on two so if you write it two three four then what you saying to will inform what you say in three and what you say in two and three will inform what you say in four if you write one or five first if you write the introduction first like many people do you don’t know what you’re going to say yet right could you haven’t said it so write your body paragraphs then write your introduction paragraph now you know what you’ve said so it becomes really easy to write a paragraph that says hey reader here’s what I’m going to tell you and once you’ve written your introduction it’s really easy just to take your introduction and rewrite it as hey reader here is what I just told you so two three and four have a very similar structure they’re very easy to write.